Alternate Punishments, Alternate Rewards

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Part One

"Hey you! Get up!" An angry figure emerged from the darkness, its huge bulking form blocking out most of the light seeping in through the single door to the room. It closed the door tightly, leaving only a crack of light to see by. Turning, the figure walked up to a sleeping man who was crumpled on the floor of the room, and punctuated the command with a sharp kick to the side.

Tom Paris woke up with a start, his mind already racing. Where was he? New Zealand? Back in the Chute? In the Vidiian caves? It wasn't any of those places but he knew it was somewhere slightly familiar. He could recognize the faint smells and sounds of the place, but he couldn't recall when he had been there before. He struggled to remember anything else about where he was or how he got to this place, through the haze of pain that was clouding his brain. Without warning the boot connected with his side again, sending Tom sprawling on the floor with a startled cry.

Backing up, he leaned up against the wall of the room, forcing himself to try and breathe through the pain. Opening his eyes, he found himself staring right at B`Elanna Torres, dressed in full Klingon gear. Leaning his head back up against the wall, he realized that his day was about to get much worse.

"Will you get up before I have to beat you to a pulp?" B`Elanna hauled him up to his feet roughly by the collar of his uniform, choking off any reply Tom would have attempted to make. She roughly shackled his hands together, then finally released the deathgrip on his neck.

"B`Elanna?" Tom asked, confusion still apparent in his features. He was hoping for answers from the familiar face, not sure exactly what was going on yet. Instead, B`Elanna only growled in response and smacked him hard across the face.

"Your pretty boy attitude might have worked for the Intendant, but it definately won't work for me." B`Elanna pulled him in close until he was only inches from her snarling face. "I'd be just as happy to remove you from your pretty face...permanently. Do we understand?"

Tom nodded slowly, still trying to process what the hell was going on...B`Elanna was threatening him? Before he even realized what was happening, B`Elanna's hand came up again and he was sent sprawling, his nose and upper lip bleeding from where she hit him.

"What did you say, slave?" She asked as she moved to stand directly in front of him.

"Nothing." He stammered. He was unable to do anything to stop the bleeding with his arms chained behind his back and felt its warm, stickiness stream down his face, dripping on his uniform.

"That's what I thought." She snarled at him again. "Now, do you understand slave?"

"Yes." He choked out, not sure entirely if he was more scared or angry at that moment in time.

"Yes what?" B`Elanna kicked Tom again hard.

"Yes Ma`am." Tom practically spat the sentence out in B`Elanna's face, causing her to laugh heartily.

"Ma`am works for me, but I doubt the Intendant will appreciate it." She pulled Tom back up to his feet again and began to lead him out the door. Instead of cooperating, Tom stayed rooted to the spot, refusing to move anywhere. B`Elanna grabbed his hair hard, pulling his head as far back as it could go and exposing his neck. Using her other hand she presed a small knife to the exposed flesh and smiled when Tom squirmed slightly, his eyes full of fright. "You know, I would suggest you adjust your attitude as well. Here, you are a nobody, no one gives a fuck about you. If you ended up slashed into a million pieces right this instant, I can guarantee you that no one would shed any tears. Hell, the only reason I haven't killed you already is because the Intendant has taken a liking to you for some odd reason."

"Who or what the hell are you talking about?" Tom asked as B`Elanna shoved him roughly out the door. Turning back to look at her, he caught the brief predatory flash in her eyes before she prodded him again, leading him down the dark winding hall.

"You'll see." B`Elanna replied mysteriously. "Once we get you changed and cleaned up, I'm sure the Intendant will want to meet you personally."

Further down the hall, the Intendant, or Kira Nerys, lounged in her bed as one of her Bajoran slaves gently began to massage the tension from her neck. The past few months had been so stressful for her. She had just barely managed to escape both the Rebels and the enormous Empire fleet Worf and Garek had sent out to find her. Then, finding refuge on Bajor, she had spent weeks trying to contact her old friends, calling in favours just so she could find a way off that hell-hole of a planet.

But, there was a good side of all that time she was forced to spend alone in hiding. She had managed to plot many ways of taking back Terrok Nor, in order to redeem herself in the eyes of Worf and to regain her post in the Empire.

And now finally, everything seemed to be coming together for her again. She had met up with another old aquantance of Worf's - B`Elanna Torres - and aquired a crew through the willing Klingon's contacts. Prowling space in a stolen Bird of Prey, they managed to intercept a young rebel a few days ago, a hotshot pilot named Tom Paris. Kira had learned such interesting information from the young man, he had been around on Terrok Nor when the rebels managed to tap into the mirror universe for help. And he had been all to anxious to help after going through a couple of interrogation rounds with B`Elanna. But of course, leaving the interrogation up to her Klingon partner, almost ensured that the man would die in the end, leaving Kira with an unusual predicament.

Pullling the mirror Tom Paris, not only from his universe, but halfway across the galaxy as well, took a great deal of effort but B`Elanna's excellent engineering skills managed to accomplish the task. And now that he was here, Kira was almost positive that it was going to be worth it all. The mirror Tom Paris alone would be able to retake Terrok Nor for her, something a whole fleet of Empire ships couldn't do earlier.

But, even as she worked towards pulling him to the Mirror Universe, Kira knew that Tom Paris wasn't going to just help her, she was almost counting on that fact to be true. For Tom Paris was devistatingly gorgeous and Kira couldn't wait to start *convincing* him of his proper duties to her.

Part Two

When a still struggling Tom Paris was brought in before the Intendant later that morning, he didn't look much better than before. He now had a huge black eye, swollen up until it had all but closed his left eye. He also walked with a noticable limp. B`Elanna had probably kicked him hard in the shin, Kira thought to herself, trying rather unsuccessfully not to smile. And lastly, his shackled wrists had been rubbed raw and bloody, he'd obviously been struggling against the cuffs with some measure of violence.

Kira stood in front of the pair smiling a predator-like smile as she appraised her prisoner. "Kneel..." She ordered the man before her. Tom only shook his head, making no move to lower himself. Kira flicked an amused glance at B`Elanna and waited patiently.

"She told you to kneel, slave!" B`Elanna snarled as she kicked backs of his knees, causing them to buckle and sending him sprawling across the floor. Kira watched the entire encounter with interest, her first impressions of Tom Paris had been right. He wasn't about to give in without a fight.

Tom struggled back up to his knees, without the use of his shackled hands, it took him several moments to right himself once again. Finally upright, he briefly debated getting to his feet but, knowing that B`Elanna was probably angry enough to shatter his kneecaps should he try it again, he quickly decided against it. Besides, he'd already made his point. Keeping his gaze locked to the ground he held his breath, waiting for the next blow to come.

To his surprise, instead of a blow, Kira came up and gently patted him on the head. "Dear Tom, I hope B`Elanna hasn't been too rough on you." She spoke in a soft, sweet voice. A coaxing voice he realized after a moment.

Tom glanced up briefly in shock when she used his name, then swiftly dropped his gaze back down to the floor. It was almost as though he was remembering what he was supposed to be doing. "Paris, Lieutenant Thomas Eugene. Starship Voyager." He muttered in an almost defiant tone under his breath.

"Oh, and I suppose you're going to be giving me your serial number next." Kira smirked slightly and walked a little ways away from him. "I only want to make this easy for you. But if you insist on continuing to bother me, I'm going to be forced to make it much less pleasant for you."

Tom shut his mouth but never took his eyes off the floor. B`Elanna hovered near his kneeling figure, ready to kick him at the slightest excuse. Kira glanced at her, snapped her fingers and pointed towards the door, nodding briefly to the Klingon. B`Elanna looked angry for a moment, then catching herself, bowed deeply and stalked out of the Intendant's quarters.

Tom heard footsteps, then a door closing behind him. He briefly wondered if he had been left alone. He needed time to think, needed time to plot a course of action. All he knew as of yet was that he had woken up in a semi-familiar place, been beaten up by a ruthless B`Elanna Torres then dragged to someone else's private room. All in all, not one of his better days.

"Well now, I must say I'm slightly disappointed in you Tommy." Kira stood in front of him again and Tom could see his reflection in the polished toe of her high heeled shoe, vaugely noticing how awful he looked. Kira reached down, grasping his chin and gently pulling his head up until he was forced to look her in the eyes. "I would have thought you'd have recognized me by now."

Tom stared at the Bajoran face, there was something familiar about her features. He had seen her once...on that space station where he'd met up with Voyager....Deep Space Nine. That was what the name of the station was. But this couldn't be Deep Space Nine, it was too dark and dank to be Federation. And the woman in front of him definitely wasn't the Bajoran First Officer he'd seen there. But if she *was* Kira Nerys then...

Slowly a look of understanding crept over Tom's face and Kira smiled slightly. "I think little Tommy has it."

"Oh fuck...oh shit..." Tom swore under his breath as Kira circled him once more. He didn't know a lot about the mirror universe but he knew it had a reputation worse than his own. This place was ruthless. Even the greats like Kirk were power hungry monsters here. And here was a woman who, in his own universe was capable of doing just about anything for a cause she believed in, standing no more than a foot away from him. He supressed the urge to shudder as he realized his situation had gotten a lot worse. In this universe, Tom knew Kira would be even worse...backstabbing, manipulative...possiblilities Tom didn't even want to consider. "Shit, shit, shit..."

"Aren't you the slightest bit curious as to why you are here?" Kira asked with a smirk. She had caught the level of unease in the young man rising, if she even approached him the right way, he would probably flinch away in terror. Soon, he would be totally under her control. It wouldn't take long...

"No." Tom said sullenly, staring at a point behind her and refusing to meet her gaze, obviously lying. Kira backhanded him, not nearly as hard as B`Elanna would have but hard enough that Tom could still feel the lingering sharp sting of her hand on his face minutes later.

"Look at me when you talk." Kira ordered, still standing directly in front of him.

"I said..." Tom snarled, looking directly in her eyes. All traces of his fear disappearing as anger swept over him. "*No*, I am not curious as to why I am here!"

"Well, that's a shame because I'm going to tell you anyway. And then you *are* going to agree with it." Tom just glowered at her, not caring if it got him killed. "You know of the slave station Terrok Nor?"

"You mean the station *you* lost?" Tom sneered, briefly wondering exactly how close to death he was treading.

"The one the rebels stole by sheer luck." Kira corrected idly. "But just how much do you know?"

"The rebels kidnapped Captain Benjamin Sisko, he influenced your top scientist to work for the rebels and some others, working for the rebel side managed to take the station away from the Empire." Tom said in a bored tone, almost as if he were reciting a history lesson back at the Acadamy.

"Correct." Kira was honestly surprised, she didn't think that a screwup and ex-con like Tom Paris, on a starship out in the middle of the Delta Quadrant, could know so much information. But then he *was* an Admiral's brat, he was bound to hear some privy information. She sighed deeply, then continued with the narrative. "And finally, the Alliance managed to destroy the Empire's fleet coming to retake the station a few years later."

"That's just wonderful." Tom muttered sarcastically, shifting slightly to ease the pressure on his sore knee. "So where do I fit in with all of this?"

"You my dear little are going to go to Terrok Nor, posing as Tom Paris, rebel pilot. You are going to offer O` about a fake Empire attack. And finally, you are going to sabotage the Defiant so that it will explode as soon as it enters warp." Kira recited her plans to him, unable to keep the growing smile from showing on her face.

"Really?" Tom asked dryly. "And why exactly am *I* going to do this?"

"Because the Empire can reward you in ways you couldn't possibly imagine. And because we are the only ones who can send you home this time." Kira shrugged slightly at his disbelieving stare. "Terrok Nor doesn't have enough power to send you home. Not all the way to the Delta Quadrant. We do however."

"Thanks for the offer but no." Tom said in a barely controlled voice. "I refuse to help your cause. So toss me in the brig again, get B`Elanna to beat the shit out of me. I don't care, I'm not going to help you."

"You don't seem to understand Tommy, you don't have a choice in the matter." Kira smiled an evil smile as she gently stroked a hand down Tom's face, drawing sensual circles on his cheek. "Because you are here to serve me."

"I *won't*" Tom snarmled, pulling his face away from her hand.

"Oh you will Tommy. And you'll enjoy it." Tom shivered at the cold edge to her voice. "However, I do have other committments..." Her voice trailed off as she walked away and Tom sighed in relief inwardly, he finally had a chance to make some sense of the situation and figure out how to get the hell out of this Universe.

"But I certainly can't leave you alone and loose like this. You'd be gone in a moment and dead even faster. However, I'm sure this will suffice in keeping you here." She picked up a golden metal ring of some sort and turned back to face him. Tom wasn't sure what exactly she was holding until her practiced hands opened it and she moved towards him. She bent slightly to close it around his neck but he shifted away from her touch quickly, trying to avoid the collar. "You *will* wear it." She hissed as she caught a handful of his golden hair with one hand and clamped the collar around his neck with the other, practiced motions that were almost too fast for him to see. "That will keep you alive...and now...something to make sure you stay put." Kira walked towards the wall behind him. Bending down, she picked up a coil of narrow chain that was attached at one end to the solid wall.

"No!" He exclaimed, trying to pull away once again.

"Now Tommy, we've gone through this before." She sighed. "You can either let me put this on you or I can get B`Elanna to do it for me. It's all up to you."

Tom couldn't help but wince at the thought of this B`Elanna going after him while he was restrained and couldn't even contemplate fighting back. He straightened up, staring pointedly at the wall directly to the Intendent's left once again.

"Good boy." She purred as she attached the chain to the metal collar. "See how much easier it is for you when you simply do as I say? I want you to think about that Tommy, while I'm gone. I'm sure you'd like to get home in one piece." Tom still refused to look at her, staring at that one spot on the wall. "And we could have so much fun together in the meantime, you and I." She added, just before she stepped out the door and closed it firmly behind her.

Tom was on his feet, even before the door had shut tightly behind her. First he tugged at the collar. It didn't open, nor did the clasp that the chain was attached to. Finally he pulled hard on the chain, it was thin and looked as if it would break easily. If he had the use of his hands he might have actually been able to break free but without them, all he ended up doing was choking himself in the process. Walking slowly until he reached the end of his makeshift lease, Tom found he could reach most of the room but couldn't get close enough to the door to trigger it open.

Moving back against the wall he slumped down to the floor, trying very hard to keep his mind straight. But panic was slowly seeping into his thoughts, no matter how hard he tried to suppress it.

"Okay, I'm in the alternate universe and the Intendent wants me to betray the only free humans in this universe." Tom thought out loud trying to focus on a solution.

His mind warred between panic and trying to come up with a plausable escape plan for hours. But finally, he dropped to an exhausted sleep.


Tom groaned uncomfortably, having slept leaning up against a wall. Why the hell had he done...

Then it all came back to him and he woke up fully with a start. It was then he realized something else and yelped, looking around for his clothes.

A soft chuckle interrupted his search. "Interesting what my dear B`Elanna can do with a transporter when she's inspired, isn't it?" Tom glared at the Intendant forgetting for the moment the fact that he wore nothing except for the gold collar.

"You're sick." He snapped, fury banishing any trace of embarrassment he felt.

"Sick?" She repeated questioningly. "Maybe in your universe Tommy." Kira sighed picking up something off the table behind her then turned to move towards him, the long leather strap of her whip snaking behind her.

"Fuck you." Tom snarled but it wasn't entirely convincing, his voice was quavering and his one good eye remained locked on the whip.

"Oh, don't worry Tommy, we'll get to that later." She smiled, working the controls of the tiny remote she carried. "But I have something else planned for you right now."

Tom wondered what she was doing with the tiny control when he felt the tug at his throat. The chain was being reeled into the wall, forcing him to follow until he was pressed flat, face down against the wall. He waited with growing dread, wondering what she was planning next. He didn't have to wait long. He heard the sharp crack of the whip, only an instant before he cried out, the leather strap biting into his back.

Part Three

Fifteen or so blows later, Tom realized that she wasn't even trying. The strap made deep cuts into his back and arms in places...but it definately could have been worse. Much, much worse. Although, as Tom thought about it again when the whip landed on his back yet again, even though it wasn't that definatly hurt like hell...

Twenty...twenty-five...Tom had lost count by the time the Intendant decided to stop. The chain holding him tightly to the wall released suddenly and Tom collapsed to his knees as soon as it loosened, unable to stand any longer. It was official now, he ached all over - B`Elanna must have done more than just given him a black eye and a sore shin, his chest was aching. Of course, his back didn't feel much better, thin scores of lines marked him all the way up and down.

Rocking back and forth slowly on the ground, breathing deeply to ease the dizziness he felt, Tom tried to hold back a laugh. was just as bad as when he got into that fight back in Auckland. Of course, that fight never had such blatent sexual connotations about it. And this one...

"Tommy, Tommy, see what happens when you make me angry?" Kira's sickeningly sweet voice spoke to him once again. She walked over to where he was crouched on the floor, gently patting his head. "I don't want to have to hurt you..."

"Then let me go..." Tom suggested through clenched teeth and heard Kira giggle at that, behind his head. Gods...she actually giggled...the Intendant, giggle?

"I can't do that yet..." Kira shrugged and gave him a slight pout, leaning up against the wall in front of him. "And if you don't cooperate I won't ever be able to...and I know we *both* don't want that to happen..."

It was like she oozed sex and sexuality, every little move she made seemed to be intended to provoke a response out of Tom's battered brain. And it wasn't as if it was that difficult a task for her anyways. He was kneeling on the floor at her feet, totally naked save for a gold collar that she put on him. He was hers, whether he wanted to be or not. Suddenly, Tom realized it wasn't the damned pain that was making him was the headiness of the entire situation making him dizzy.

*And hard...* A tiny part of his mind added helpfully. Tom angrily quashed that stray thought before he could actually dwell on it for too much longer. There was absolutely no way he wanted way in hell he was getting turned on by her and her little suggestive antics.

*Liar...* His own mind was betraying him now, was no wonder he was a nutcase. He was having arguments with himself when he should have been trying to figure out what the hell to do. *Fuck it Tommy-boy...I'm your mind...there's no way you can lie to me...*

Kira studied Tom with a small smile on her face, her eyes brightening at whatever she saw there. "Are you even paying attention to me Tommy?" Kira watched his gaze suddenly focus back on her face, the panic that rose to his eyes before the practiced shields came back up.

"Does it really matter?" Tom asked exasperated, he was tired, he was sore and he definately could care less about whatever cheap explanations the Intendant came up with about his mission, his rewards or her promises. He just wanted her to go away so he could actually think.

"No...actually, I suppose it doesn't." Kira responded with a small smile before patting him on the head once again, then walking off towards her desk. She tapped some sort of control there and, even before Tom had time to start panicking, B`Elanna Torres walked back in, a confident step to her march.

"Yes Intendant?" B`Elanna allowed herself a brief glare at Tom before turning her full attention towards a still smiling Kira.

Tossing B`Elanna a regenerator, Kira stood up to leave, walking towards the door. "I think I'm going for a walk around the ship...see how close we are to implementing the next stage of our plans. You will take care of him, won't you B`Elanna?" Kira turned and smiled sweetly. "And try to leave him in one piece this time please?"

B`Elanna nodded slightly and, satisfied, Kira strolled out of the room. Turning back towards Tom, B`Elanna sighed loudly and stalked towards the young man who still kneeling on the floor. He faced her defiantly, even when it was blatently obvious he hurt like hell. *And he should...* B`Elanna thought angrily...for the amount of trouble the damned idiot put her through.

"Don't move..." B`Elanna knelt down beside him and gripped his shoulder tightly. Tom flinched but didn't even try to pull away, he hurt too much, his brain was like mush and he knew he'd only end up in a worse state once again if he tried to fight B`Elanna. Slowly, the pain began to disappear as the score marks along his back were healed, he could lean against the wall without wincing in pain.

Moving around towards his front, B`Elanna roughly prodded at Tom's chest, causing him to yell out in pain when she hit two cracked ribs. Sighing once again she started the tedious procedure of knitting the bones back together again.

"You realize you could have saved a lot of time..." Tom couldn't help it, the ironic quip just escaped from his lips before he could stop it.

"What?" B`Elanna stopped what she was doing with the regenerator and glared at him. "What the fuck are you talking about?"

" were the one who *gave* me all these fucking injuries this morning..." He knew it was really stupid to antagonize a fully Klingon B`Elanna Torres, he was risking instant death here. Hell, *his* B`Elanna probably would have tossed him an out an airlock by now, and she actually could stand him at times. But there was just something about this B`Elanna that made him say those kinds of that sarcastic way of his. "Like I said...we could have saved a lot of time then..."

"You know what...?" B`Elanna leaned in close to him, shoving his shoulders back into the wall hard. "I would just love to remove that smug smile from your face."

"Go ahead..." Tom whispered, taunting almost. It had become a control war again, a power struggle between the prisoner and the jailer. "And I'm sure the Intendant will just love it when she sees me, beaten to a pulp once again."

"Fuck you..." B`Elanna shouted at him, slamming him up against the wall again and leaning close, pinning him there. "You have no fucking clue how the Intendant's mind works."

"I may not know a lot of things...but both of us know that out of the two of us...she likes me a whole lot better." Tom muttered defiantly and grinned. "And you just can't stand it, can you?"

B`Elanna grinned back widely and leaned in close to Tom, nearly touching him but not quite. "Do you really think that bothers me?" Smiling she whispered the last part of her comment directly in his ear, watching as Tom flinched away. "Cause we both know who *you* like better."

Too close...she was way too close. Tom's mind shouted out the warning as he tried to breath normally. This really wasn't what he needed right now. He needed to find a way to escape, he needed a way to figure out how to get back to his Voyager...his Universe. He didn't need to be thinking about what B`Elanna Torres looked like underneath that Klingon getup.

But between the Intendant's provocative mannerisms and this B`Elanna practically sitting on top of him, he was definately not thinking about ways to escape. His body was betraying him...his mind trying to justify it all. *...It doesn't mean anything, I still don't have to betray the Alliance, I'm just trying to survive long enough to find a way out...*

"Don't get a lot from your B`Elanna, Poocah?" She moved to straddle his outstretched legs, still pressing his shoulders painfully hard against the wall.

"Fuck you...!" Tom spat out viciously, fed by the last remaining shred of duty that was still functioning in his brain. Without even thinking, he tried to break her hold, promptly rewarded with another body slam against the wall, so hard he swore he could see stars.

"Now want this. We both know you do..." B`Elanna murmered directly into his ear, a perfect imitation of the Intendant's saccharine sweet tone. "Just let yourself give into it..."

"I...can't..." Tom muttered back, his voice coming in halting breaths as B`Elanna's fingers gently ran a trail down his chest, her actions so different from the open hostility she expressed only a few minutes ago.

"Yes you can, you know you can't fight it forever." B`Elanna whispered into his ear, moving so close to him she was practically pressed up against his front. Staring right into his defiant eyes, she slowly closed her hand around his now erect cock, watching as he arched at her touch, his already weak defenses crumbling. "And you know, as well as I do, there isn't going to be some dramatic rescue by your Voyager. You're stuck might as well enjoy it."

"No...!" Tom moaned aloud, shaking his head to prove his point. Although he wasn't sure who he was trying to convince, B`Elanna or himself.

B`Elanna slowly moved her hand forward and back, running her thumb over the sensitive head and spreading the sticky fluid over the rest of his cock. Tom moaned once again, crumpling against the wall, no longer fighting her or her actions. Smiling, she began to jerk him off faster and harder, hearing his moans grow louder with every stroke of her hand. She brought him right to the point of release, then stopped suddenly.

Tom opened his eyes with a start, he didn't remember closing them, didn't remember much of what had just happened. Groaning, he found himself staring right into B`Elanna's fiercely dark eyes, her gaze practically penetrating right into his soul. And, as she gazed down at him, she smiled once again...

She had seen it in his eyes - the passionate pleading and desperate look he gave her before he realized where he was and what was happening. His shields had come up almost instantly after that, a practiced response of course, but she knew the truth...

"Think about this when you come..." B`Elanna muttered directly into his ear, grabbing his cock once again and roughly jerking him off. "You...wanted...this..."

The three whispered words echoed in his abused mind like a mantra, unable to think of anything else but. He felt his release building once again, screaming when he finally came. Dimly, he could hear B`Elanna grunt with approval before she let him go, the hard grip on his shoulders finally released.

As Tom crumpled to the floor, sticky with sweat and semen, one last, rational thought fluttered by, just before his mind finally shut down entirely, exhausted. *Oh gods...I wanted it...*

End Part 3

To be Continued?

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