Disclaimer: No names were used... so technically this is all mine. But the characters in question do belong to paramount and I'm just writing scenes to suit them.

Authors notes: This is the fourth and final installment in this little series. Enjoy.

I can't believe I broke up with him. What the hell was I thinking? I love him.

I know what I was thinking. I was scared. All of a sudden something clicked in my brain. I felt way out of my depth. I was terrified. Suddenly it felt like it was forever. I wasn't ready for that.

So I broke up with him. I told him we weren't right. As if I could get away from it that way. I was so wrong. And He knew it. He forgave me when I came back to him and admitted how very wrong I was. He drew me in tight against him and let me bury my face in his shoulder and held me as a cried. Telling him how sorry I was for hurting him... for doubting us.

In the days that followed we talked. In a way we never had before. The conversations were deep and we knew their outcome would determine our future. I told him why I'd done it. He looked hurt for, but only for a moment because then I jumped in. I tried again to explain what I'd felt, why I'd tried so desperately to escape the one place I longed to be most.

Finally I saw understanding dawn in those beautiful dark eyes. Again he drew me close as I cried. But this time he spoke. In fact he talked a long time, and I listened. For all the words he used it came down to the simple matter that he loved me. He wanted nothing more then for us to be together forever. But he loved me so much that he'd never try to make me stay. He'd never force push. It was always my choice.

That was a long time ago. Years in fact. Many years. It seems I just need a little longer to get used to the idea. I did... I married the man.

I always knew I would. That's what scared me so very much. The first time I realized it... it was too much. But by our wedding day I was as content as can be. Everyone asked how I could be so calm.

I'd always been alone. Before him no wanted to really be with me. Sure lots of people wanted my body. Some for a little while, some longer. But they didn't actually want me. He wanted me. Body, mind... soul. Everything. All of a sudden I wasn't alone. Someone one was there in a place I'd always thought of as my own. That was more of what scared me so very badly.

I couldn't get away. And you know me tried and true defense tactic. Run away. I couldn't. He was always there... he knew me better then I knew myself. I couldn't tell where I ended and he began. It scared me then. Enough that I risked everything in a desperate effort to escape from the one place in the world I always wanted to be. It doesn't now. I understand now. It means the world to me. I am not alone any more. We are inseparable.

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