Chain of Command

Diclaimer: Voyager and her crew belong to Paramount. What we choose to do with them is our own. This story is NC-17 for sexual content.

Part One

"What?" Janeway tried to make her voice sound commanding but the suggestive way Tom made his comment, coupled with the fact that he was standing naked in front of her made it come out with a slight squeek.

"I think you heard me Captain." Tom leaned back against the console, seemingly unconcerned by his nudity. Janeway silently wished that she could be as unaffected as he was, desperately trying not to stare.

Focusing on a spot just above Tom's shoulder, she stepped further onto the holobridge, spotting Chakotay and B`Elanna, still sprawled in a heap at Tom's feet. Shaking her head to clear out any stray thoughts, she tried to think of how she was going to phrase her next question. Taking a deep breath, hoping that this time she would sound somewhat convincing as a Captain, she spoke again. "Mr. Paris, would you care to explain what exactly just went on?" She asked stonily.

" mean besides the obvious I assume." Tom smiled slightly and at her curt nod, continued. "B`Elanna attacked me when we were practicing for her pilot's test. Chakotay and I decided that we should deal with it *unofficially* rather than go through official channels...which actually, would have meant we would have been going through you."

"Ahh..." Janeway couldn't really believe what she was hearing. Her First Officer and her Chief Conn Officer, taking matters into their own hands. *Rather violently as well.* Janeway added darkly. "So, I seem to have caught you and the Commander in the act of raping the Chief Engineer." Janeway was so mad she was ready to kill both of them with her bare hands.

" wasn't like that Captain." Tom instantly backpedaled. What Captain Janeway had just said was most definately wrong. But then again, as Tom considered it more, from her perspective, it probably did look like they had been raping B`Elanna. His mind raced as he tried to figure out exactly how to explain that what they were doing was merely a game. A merely adult version of playing make-believe.

"Really Lieutenant?" Janeway asked dryly. "Then exactly what was *it*?"

"I guess you could call it agreement for punishment." Tom's smile wavered slightly but his demeanor was still one of perfect control. "Kind of a power game I guess."

"Tom? Who are you talking to?" B`Elanna's soft voice interrupted their conversation.

"Uh...the Captain?" Tom shrugged slightly at B`Elanna's look of suprise. "She seems to think we were raping you just a few minutes ago."

"Gods, that wasn't rape..." Chakotay raised himself up from the floor, dropping himself heavily into the chair at Engineering and staring back at Janeway. "It was completely consensual... between all parties involved."

"Um...Chakotay, I'm not sure if that's the Captain's entire problem here." Tom said slyly, shooting Janeway an infuriating grin. "I think she's mad cause we left her out." He added, smiling sweetly.

"You know, you just may be right." Chakotay muttered, looking at the Captain thoughtfully.

"What?" Janeway snapped, the two men staring at her were making her nervous, in more ways than one. "B`Elanna?" She turned to question the Engineer, mainly because she was the only one out of the three who wasn't looking at her with a preditory stare.

"Don't worry Captain, it was consensual. I could have stopped them." B`Elanna grinned as she glanced back towards Tom and Chakotay. "Just like you can now."

"B`Elanna. I think maybe we should move you back to the pilot's station." Tom said smoothly, never taking his eyes away from Janeway. Janeway watched, almost mesmerized, as B`Elanna tamely walked over to sit in the pilot's chair, never once making a hostile move towards Tom and his order.

Something about the way Tom acted towards Chakotay and B`Elanna reminded Janeway of someone. She was trying to place it when Chakotay stood up and whispered something in Tom's ear. Watching the two wearily, she saw Tom nod his head briskly and waved his arm towards Janeway. "Proceed." He said in that level tone of his.

Janeway's mouth dropped as she realized just where she had heard that voice before. It was Captain Paris's same Command tone, the one that clearly allowed no arguments. She barely even noticed Chakotay coming at her, instead scrutinizing the young Liutenant in front of her. He didn't look entirely like his father did, probably due somewhat to the fact that Tom was a good 20 years younger. But staring into those same twinkling blue eyes of his reminded her of a time when she worshipped a different Paris.

Tom was walking closer to her, he had noticed the subtle change in her facial expression. Instead of looking like she was going to kill someone, she instead looked almost thoughtful. As he moved to stand, barely a foot away from Janeway, he could see her squirm slightly, his presence was obviously affecting her somehow. He watched her try to move away, saw the frustration on her face when she realized Chakotay was holding her arms and wasn't going to let her go and smiled gently, reaching up to stroke her cheek.

"Captain, isn't it against regulations to override a security lock without making any attempt to speak to the member of the crew who activated it?" The words just flowed out of Tom's mouth, almost making Janeway melt right there.

"Well, yes but..." Desperate to be the one in control again, she tried to change the subject away from her.

"Chakotay, what do you think would happen to the morale on board if we had to put the Captain on report?" Tom asked, amusement plain in his voice. "Pretty bad, don't you think?"

"Not to mention disipline on the ship would be impossible to maintain after that." The Commander added helpfully, choosing to ignore the evil glares Janeway was shooting in his direction.

"Perhaps it would be better to deal with this matter, outside of official channels...wouldn't you think Captain?" Tom smiled again, his tone one of pure sweetness.

Janeway found herself warring internally, a small part of her was still fuming at Tom and Chakotay for taking advantage of B`Elanna, another part was still mesmerized at Tom's apparently inherited ability to seduce just about anyone he wanted and the final and largest part of her mind wanted to agree to anything he said, just so he'd touch her again. Using Tom and Chakotay's line about moral and discipline as a cover for what she really wanted, she managed to speak in a normal voice, although hesitantly. "Perhaps you would be right." Janeway said softly and Tom and Chakotay shared a private smile.

"Mr. Chakotay," Tom said with a grin. "Take our dear Captain to her chair."

"Aye Sir." Chakotay said, gently pulling Janeway down towards her seat. He could tell Janeway was fighting herself with this, her struggles against him weren't all for show. They'd have to put her at ease with the situation first before showing her the real game of power and punishment.

Janeway allowed herself to be pulled down to her chair, fighting Chakotay and herself the entire way. But as Chakotay gently began to push her down, Janeway got second thoughts and tried to pull away, squirming against his hold.

"Tom." Chakotay called back, looking slightly concerned. Tom walked down slowly to where Janeway sat, kneeling beside the chair. Wispering in her ear, so faint that Janeway had to struggle to hear it, he tried to ease her fears.

"You don't have to do anything if you don't want to." Tom gently took her hand in his and smiled.

"I know." Janeway said simply, dropping her head to her lap.

"So do you want this?" Tom prodded gently.

"I'm not sure..." Janeway looked up into his caring eyes once again, knew that he wouldn't intentionally hurt her. But she wasn't sure if she could go along with their game.

" about we just go along and see where we end up." Tom smiled as she nodded reluctantly. "You feel uncomfortable with anything, just say...uh...Voyager, and we'll stop right there."

Glancing around at the other two officers on the Bridge, both of whom were nodding and smiling their assent, Janeway had to admit that she felt slightly better aboutt what she was getting hersel into. Tom smiled once more and walked back up to the upper deck, Chakotay taking his spot in front of Janeway again, gently holding down her arms with his own big hands.

"Now that we have that settled, Computer, add restraints to the Command Chair." Tom called out to the computer, watching as the wrist and ankle restraints appeared. "Chakotay, restrain her and then come back up here." Chakotay nodded and set about his task.

The Commander complied with Tom's *orders* then walked back up to stand by Tom. As he neared, Tom promptly leaned over and kissed him soundly. He knew that both B`Elanna and Janeway were watching them closely and smiled when he heard their stifled moans from behind him. When Tom finally released him, Chakotay stumbled backwards for a few steps until he regained his balance and his composure. Smiling, Tom nodded towards Janeway who was watching the two with interest from her seat, her reluctance to participate in their game all but disappearing. "Now Chakotay, I'm giving you your chance for Command. What do you think Kathryn's punishment should be?"

"I want her." Chakotay said simply, not offering any more explanation than that.

Tom was about to argue but saw the look in Chakotay's eyes and knew that it was going to be pointless, Chakotay was going to win this one. "Very well. But then I get her next." Tom said in a mock tone of reluctance, then brightened again at his very next thought. "And then I get you..."

"Fair's only fair." Chakotay said in agreement as the two men grinned at each other, their newest plans already forming in their heads.

Part Two

Janeway considered Tom's words very carefully, working out the possibilities in her head. Chakotay had just offered himself to her - did he know just how much she had wanted him, ever since the first moment she had met him? Smiling slightly, she shook her head, realizing that it was probably Tom who noticed just how much Janeway loved Chakotay. Allowing her mind to wander briefly towards the young pilot, she also found herself wondering if Tom knew just how much she lusted after him as well.

Then, in a matter of moments, she couldn't think anymore. Chakotay's nude form was looming over her, smiling widely.

"Computer, remove restraints." He called out to the computer and almost instantly, it obliged, leaving Janeway free to move. However, Chakotay pulled her up to her feet almost immediately, never giving Janeway a chance to escape. Slowly removing her uniform, he stroked the silken skin beneath. His soft hands worked down her legs and his touch forced a breathy sigh to escape Janeway's lips. Slipping his fingers between her legs, he chuckled lightly when he felt her legs part in response, allowing him to thrust in further. Happily obliging, Chakotay could feel her juices flowing over his fingers.

Turning her so that he could sit in the chair, Chakotay pulled her down so that she was straddling his legs. Kissing her deeply, he could feel her body rub against his in response, showing Chakotay just how much Janeway wanted to be with him. Giving her a gentle smile, he lifted her slightly then thrust up hard into her body.

"Gods..." She moaned as she clutched at Chakotay desperately. Tom watched the pair from his spot on the upper Bridge, leaning against the railing with a bemused look on his face.

"So Kathryn, have you learned anything yet?" Tom called out, smiling when the only audible response he got was a breathy moan. Glancing further, his gaze fell on the pilot's console and B`Elanna's squirming form, watching the pair with more than just a slight interest. B`Elanna couldn't entirely believe it, she knew she was watching her Commanding officers fuck each other right in front of her and that she should be embarassed at that. But instead, she was finding it terribly arousing. She caught Tom's amused gaze and she blushed deeply, knowing that Tom had probably been watching her fidgit in her seat. But instead of laughing at her, he motioned for B`Elanna to come join him, an invitation she accepted all to willingly.

Janeway was barely aware of anything going on around her, she still clutched Chakotay desperately, her body rocking with his thrusts. She could feel her release building, knew it was only a matter of seconds. But just when she would have crested, Chakotay stopped his rapid thrusts.

"Well? Have you learned anything yet?" Chakotay asked, holding her immobile.

Janeway could hear the muffled chuckles from behind Chakotay, knew that Tom and B`Elanna were probably killing themselves laughing knowing that Janeway was going to have to answer, either submitting herself entirely to the game or chickening out at the end. And with Chakotay leaving her so close to a climax, she wasn't even sure she could leave if she wanted to. Not trusting herself to form coherent words, she only nodded meekly, her gaze remained locked with Chakotay's.

"Good." Was all that Chakotay uttered before he thrust up powerfully into her, sending her over the edge, screaming with the power of her climax. Her tight muscles suddenly closing hard around his cock and her screams of pleasure sent Chakotay over the edge as well.

It was ages before Chakotay finally opened his eyes again, Janeway remained slumped on his chest. He had dreamed of having her, ever since the first time he had seen her. Recalling some of his more graphic fantasies, he blushed deeply as he realized how often the Command Chair had entered into them. Closing his eyes once again, he relaxed further into the chair, enjoying the warmth of Janeway's body on his own and the relative peace in the holodeck.

He was barely aware of the conversation that was taking place behind his head a few minutes later and, while craning his neck, he realized that Tom and B`Elanna had moved out of the range of his vision. Scanning the Bridge from his limited position, he could barely see, out of the corner of his eye, Tom and B`Elanna walking down towards the pair, their wide smiles impossible to misinterpret. Biting his lip to prevent himself from laughing, spoiling what would appear to be a carefully planned advance, he was content to sit back and watch what Tom's mind had come up with this time.

Coming up behind Janeway's still form, Tom wrapped his hands around her slim figure, reaching around to caress her body. Even though Janeway had thought she was exhausted only minutes before, she could feel herself arching at Tom's touch, his actions a little more rough than Chakotay's but still immensly pleasurable.

"So Captain, do you think we've punished you enough for now?" Tom smiled slightly as Janeway moaned in response, pushingherself back against Tom agressivly.

"Was that a yes, Captain?" Tom grinned evilly as he withdrew slightly, his hands on her shoulder the only contact remaining between the two.

"Tom..." Janeway breathed huskily and Tom gently pulled her up to her feet and began to stroke his hands down her entire body. She couldn't believe it, she could feel the beginnings of another orgasm building, only minutes after Chakotay had brought her to a mind-blowing release. She writhed desperately in Tom's arms as he explored her, almost as if he needed to know her by touch alone. He nibbled and licked her ear as his hands wandered lower, never really touching her, but coming close enough to drive her truely mad. Janeway was moaning almost continually now, her numerous cries of pleasure and muted pleas for Tom to continue with his torture echoing off the walls of the Bridge.

On the real Bridge, Harry Kim glanced around at his surroudings, utterly bored. Most of the Senior Staff weren't even on the Bridge and Harry found himself wondering, not for the first time, where they had disappeared to. He hadn't seen B`Elanna or Tom since they ate dinner together last night, Chakotay had only shown up for 15 minutes to speak to Captain Janeway, then left once again. And finally, over an hour ago, the Captain herself had left the Bridge, leaving Lieuteant Tuvok in charge.

Harry had seriously debated requesting to be let off earlier but knew that, especially with Voyager scheduled to investigate a nearby world in under an hour, he wouldn't be leaving the Bridge anytime soon. He sighed, the only good part so far about reaching this planet, was that the Bridge wouldn't feel quite so empty.

As if Tuvok could read his thoughts, the Vulcan turned towards the Ensign, ordering him to call the missing Senior Staff to the Bridge. Sighing once again at how boring his job was sometimes, he opened up a channel to the Captain, briefly wondering exactly where Captain Janeway had wandered off to.

Tom was on his knees in front of the Captain, his tongue lightly teasing her clit, bringing the Captain closer and closer to her second climax. B`Elanna had taken the Captain's earlier spot and was now kissing Chakotay passionately.

"Kim to Captain Janeway." Ensign Harry Kim's voice rang out through the holobridge, startling the four occupants inside.

The first to recover, B`Elanna pulled away from Chakotay reluctantly and walked towards Janeway's hastily discarded uniform, still crumpled on the floor from where Chakotay had undressed her earlier. "Uh...exactly how long have we been in here anyways?"

"Apparently, a few minutes too long." Tom deadpanned, never moving from his spot in front of the Captain.

Smiling slightly at Tom's all-too true comment, Janeway grabbed the communicator from B`Elanna's outstretched hand. "Janeway here, go ahead." As soon as she opened the channel, Tom went back to his assault on her body, forcing Janeway to struggle to try and keep her voice as level as possible.

"We're closing on that class-M planet we discovered earlier. Estimated arrival is under an hour." Harry paused slightly, the continued in a bored tone. "We could use you up on the Bridge."

"Right...we...I'll be up there right away." Janeway swallowed a moan as Tom thrust a finger into her and slowly moved it forwards and back. She clamped her thighs tightly around his hand, trying to force him to stop. When his only response was to thrust his finger into her with increasing force, Janeway pushed him away hard, sending Tom sprawling on the floor in front of her.

"Captain?" Tom could almost hear the curiousity in the Ensign's voice, Harry must have caught Janeway's hesitancy just as easily as Tom had. That and the subtle shift in her voice from her usual command tone spoke volumes of what Janeway had been doing. Deciding to add more fuel to the fire, especially after Janeway had pushed him away, Tom spoke up.

"Hey Harry, it's Tom." Tom smiled again as Janeway shot him a angry glare. "We're just finishing up here in the holodeck. Give us fifteen."

"Uh...sure Tom. Should I iinform Tuvok about you as well Captain?" Tom tried to stifle a laugh at Harry's surprised tone. Janeway continued to glare at Tom as she composed her thoughts.

"Yes Ensign, we'll all be up there as soon as possible." Janeway closed her channel, then turned her anger towards her pilot. "Would you care to explain?" Janeway asked forcefully, her hands on her hips as she re-entered her official command position.

"No offense Captain but Harry, Tuvok and the rest of the crew on the Bridge right now probably have their eyebrows up to their foreheads right now." Tom laughed slightly as Janeway flushed. "You really want to confirm their suspicions by walking on the Bridge looking like Hell and smelling of sex?"

"No..." Janeway admitted as she stared down at her feet. Tom was right again, actually Tom had been right ever since this whole encounter with the three officers started over an hour ago.

"Come on then, I think Chakotay and B`Elanna have converted the Ready Room into a shower." Tom bounced up to his feet and grabbed Janeway's hand, pulling her towards the door before she could protest.

Ten minutes later, the pair emerged, still slightly wet but cleaner than before. Janeway grabbed her uniform from B`Elanna's hands but before she could put it on, Tom grabbed her wrist tightly, forcing her to look at him once again.

"You know I'm going to have to punish you for pushing me away." Tom murmered in her ear, holding her close to him once again. Janeway dropped her head meekly and nodded, once again her command was disappearing with Tom's seductive voice.

"Good." Tom muttered as he tugged his turtleneck over his head. The cloth muffled his next words slightly but they were still loud and audible enough for all three to hear. "Just so you remember who's really on top of the chain of command."

Chakotay snickered slightly, B`Elanna smiled widely and Janeway only managed to sigh as she did up the fastenings on her uniform. It was going to be a long day...

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