Disciplinary Action

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Part One

"What's going on Tom?" Harry Kim dropped his full tray heavily on the table where Tom Paris sat, lost in thought.

"What?!?" Tom looked up with a start and sighed. Harry...of course Harry would corner him first. "Sorry Harry, I wasn't paying attention. Now what were you saying?"

"Your *practice* on the holodeck yesterday." Harry prompted, smiling innocently but still curious as hell. The strange behaviour of the four Senior Officers the day before was like a beacon, Harry had known instantly that something was up. Now all he needed to do was figure out exactly what that *something* was. "What happened there?"

"B`Elanna did her test...that's all." Tom muttered into his tray. It had seemed like such a bright idea yesterday, have a little fun at Janeway's expense...maybe start up a couple rumors to get the betting pools going again. But he never figured people would be *this* interested about exactly *what* did go on in the holodeck...or that Janeway would be this mad about it either.

"Then why is she still scheduled to do it tomorrow?" Harry passed Tom a PADD and watched as he choked on a mouthful of food. *So something is up...* Harry thought to himself, still trying to keep the innocent look on his face while cheering his small victory against Tom.

"I don't know...talk to Chakotay." Tom finally managed to blurt out, tossing the PADD back towards Harry. He honestly didn't know anything about it, from the conversation he overheard between B`Elanna and Chakotay yesterday, it sounded like she was going to have to do the test...but in private. But now she was on the list again...that meant trouble. Anyone who read it would know that Tom, B`Elanna and Chakotay had spent a couple of hours in the holodeck doing something other than a simple pilot's test yesterday.

"Tom...did you know your name is on the list as well today?" Harry pointed out and Tom choked again.

"What?" Tom grabbed the list back and scanned the names. Right under B`Elanna's...his name, Lieutenant Tom Paris. And they were the last two names...obviously added after the original list had been made. "What the hell? I don't need to take it...I'm the fucking Chief Conn Officer."

"So now do you want to explain what happened yesterday?" Harry asked with some amusement...this had to be one good secret. If only he could get his hands on it.

"Uh...Harry, can I borrow this PADD for a second?" Tom had already stood up and started walking out before Harry even had a chance to reply. He had to find out what was going on from Chakotay before B`Elanna found and read the list. Heavens knew when the list finally made it's way to her, she was going to kill someone. And it probably would end up being the Lieutenant assigned to the Conn.


"Tuvok to Captain Janeway." Janeway had been going over reports with Chakotay in her Ready Room when Tuvok interrupted them.

Sighing, she tapped her Comm Badge, already getting out of her chair. It never seemed like she had enough free time for herself, there was always something she was needed for on the Bridge. "Go ahead Tuvok."

"Captain, Lieutenants Paris and Torres were involved in an...altercation just a few moments ago." Janeway could have sworn she heard the Vulcan sigh. Although that probably shouldn't have suprised her too much, she knew Tuvok's dislike for the two Lieutenants. They were just too *illogical* for him to like. "They are both in Sickbay right now, recieving treatment. However, my recommendation is that they be moved to the Brig when the Doctor is finished."

Janeway sighed aloud and glanced towards Chakotay who was shaking his head at their stupidity. He also sighed loudly, then reluctantly nodded his approval. Janeway smiled sympathetically, then spoke once again. "Put them both in separate cells for the night, that should help them cool off slightly. Chakotay and I will deal with them tomorrow morning."

As soon as she closed the channel, Chakotay spoke up once again. "I warned you something like this would happen if you added B`Elanna and Tom's names to the list."

"I suppose that means I owe you those credits then..." Janeway muttered dryly.

"Captain...why exactly did you do it anyways?" Chakotay leaned forward with a small smile on his face. He was dying to find out exactly what she was planning. And it had to be something really interesting, she had to have known what kind of a stir this would cause on the ship...not to mention the rumors and theories that were flying around.

"Because Tom was just asking to be...*formally* punished." Janeway smiled wickedly.

"But why the complex plan then...?" Chakotay was really confused now, she could have just taken his replicator rations or something...

"All three of you needed to be reprimanded as well. I honestly could care less what you three decide to do on your own personal time, however, when you have assignments and duties to accomplish, I expect them to be done." Janeway began her lecture, the smile slowly disappearing from her face. "That's why B`Elanna and Tom's names were added to the official list and you're going to supervise them both. All three of you are going to put in the extra time you wasted, tomorrow night doing those tests. That is if Tom and B`Elanna survive the night without killing each other...or the poor guard on duty supervising them."

"Captain, I hate to sound like I'm a whining child...but you were also there yesterday." Chakotay pointed out, finally figuring the entire thing out and finding it slightly less than just.

"And I'm the one who has to deal with Tuvok telling me that the *behaviour I demonstrated yesterday when *fraternizing* with Tom Paris was unacceptable for a Captain...a Captain on duty no less*." Janeway shrugged. "I think that's punishment enough, don't you?"

Chakotay just laughed and got up from his seat. "I suppose it is." He paused as he gathered his PADDs and sighed again heavily. "I guess I should go see the two of them in the Brig, shouldn't I? Since it is partially my fault they're in there."

"You might want to do that and explain exactly why they're on that list. Especially since I'm pretty sure of the fact that if you wait until tomorrow, you're going to have two, mighty pissed off Lieutenants hunting you down." Janeway waved him towards the door. "And I wouldn't want to make poor Harry try to repair a Chakotay sized hole in the bulkhead."

"Are you more concerned about my personal health or the state of the ship?" Chakotay muttered wryly.

"Both...besides which. I can't afford to put those two in the Brig for another night." Janeway smiled. "At least with Tom and B`Elanna around on the Bridge, Tuvok leaves me alone."

"I'll advise them to stay out of trouble for a while." Chakotay grinned widely, then headed towards the door.

A wicked idea suddenly appeared in Janeway's mind just then and she smirked wickedly. "Oh and Chakotay?"

"Yes?" Chakotay turned around reluctantly...he thought he might have been able to make it out of the door before she said anything else. He didn't want to talk about the whole damned encounter again...but he just knew that was what she was going to mention...he could just tell from the look she was giving him.

"Both of their formal punishments still stand...whether or not you decide to *punish* them your way." Janeway smirked slightly. "Of course, I'm sure they'll appreciate your ideas much more than the ones I'm planning to give them tomorrow."

"I'm sure they will Captain." Chakotay gave her a jaunty salute and walked out of her Ready Room. Her comment was the last thing he expected for her to say. That little encounter in the Holodeck might have been better for her than she realized.

As he headed towards the turbolift he pondered over what she *did* say. He hadn't actually even *thought* about something like *that* when he suggested he should go and visit the two Lieutenants in the Brig. But as he considered the idea more...the appeal of it slowly began to grow on him...

Part Two

When Chakotay entered the brig Tom and B`Elanna glanced up at him then went back to glowering at one another.

“Commander.” Dalby said jumping up in surprise.

“How would you like the night off Dalby.”


“Even I’ve heard of the Delany’s little party tonight. It was just bad luck these two decided to get locked up for the night or else you’d already be there.” Chakotay began convincingly. “Why don’t you go? I’ll stay here and watch them.”

“Seriously Sir.” Dalby questioned. The Commander nodded. “Thank you Sir.” The former Maqui said as he practically bolted from the room.

“Well now” Chakotay said looking from Tom to B`Elanna. “Just what am I going to do with the two of you.”

Tom stared at the commander. Who would ever believe that under that stuffy control freak cover was a man who was breaking regulations and making those sort of comments. “Is Janeway so pissed that she’s making you baby-sit?”

“Why don’t you just shut up Tom.” B`Elanna snapped from her cell, across from his. “It your fucking fault we ended up here.”

“My fault you’re the one who tried to put me through a bulkhead.” Tom protested looking to Chakotay for support.

“Are we going to have to go through this every day.” Chakotay sighed. “And Tom this is technically your fault. You’re the one who got the Captain involved.” B`Elanna smirked at him over the Commander’s shoulder.

“Well you didn’t exactly seem to mind at the time.” Tom said defensively, then he stuck his tongue out at B`Elanna with a ‘so there’ look on his face.

Chakotay sighed deeply. “You two have really got to grow up.” He said walking over to Tom’s cell and dropped the force field. “And as for you don’t stick that tongue out unless you intend to use it.” Tom gasped as Chakotay grabbed his shoulders covering is mouth in a possessive kiss. When the he released Tom he stepped back.

“Chakotay.” Tom said after a pause. “I don’t seem to remember giving you permission to do that.”

“You didn’t.”

“Ahhh. Well I’ll let it go this time. Now as I recall we have some unfinished business from yesterday.” Tom smiled.

Chakotay swallowed hard remembering Tom’s words yesterday. ‘...then I get you...’ It hadn’t happened, they’d all been called to the Bridge before Tom had gotten his way...

“Oh, come on Chakotay...”” B`Elanna growled dangerously, breaking into Chakotay’s wandering thoughts. “You’re the fucking first officer here, you outrank both of us...why are you letting him order us around?”

“Because I’m good at it...” Tom smirked back, obviously sure of his *abilities*.

That was all the incentive Chakotay’s lust-filled mind needed to reassert itself and he finally remembered the entire point in coming and *visiting* the two Lieutenants in the Brig...besides the obvious. Tom needed to be punished and Chakotay couldn’t allow the younger man to stay in control. Not for long anway.

“Actually, I’m calling the shots tonight Flyboy...” Chakotay smirked back and watched as the smug smile suddenly dropped off of Tom’s face.

“Oh, come on Chakotay...you can’t seriously think you can order me around, do you?” Tom protested loudly, after the little shock he was back to full hot-shot mode - all testosterone and hot air.

“Welcome back to the real Chain of Command, Paris!” B`Elanna taunted, trying to hold her laughter back. Finally, someone was giving Tom Paris exactly what he deserved.

“Torres, you realize we *both* outrank *you*?” Chakotay warned her with a single look.

“Sorry Sir...” B`Elanna mumbled an apology, even though the smile on her face was still plain as day.

Chakotay accepted her apology with a small nod, then turned back towards Tom. The young man was leaning against the wall, arms crossed over his chest and was glaring back at Chakotay defiantly. “So?” He asked in that smug tone of his.


Part Three

"I think not Chakotay." Tom replied

"Oh I think so Tommy." Chakotay growled. Tom whirled to face the Commander, who was closing in on him quickly. And before he'd fully registered the other man's approach he found him self pinned up against the wall by Chakotay's larger frame. "Now Tom you have a choice, you can hand over control to me for tonight or I'll just take it and keep it considerably longer."

"Why you..." The pilot sputtered.

"I'm sorry, what was that?" Chakotay asked with a grin, watching Tom as he spluttered in frustration, finally giving up with a scowl.

"Fine, oh great and wonderful Chakotay." Tom grumbled sarcastically.

"Good boy." The older man smiled releasing him. "Now for the last time. Strip." Tom glowered at him for a few moments longer then the faintest smirk crossed that beautiful face. *Oh Spirits...I'm in trouble.* Chakotay thought to himself, recoginizing the look the instant it appeared.

Tom started on his uniform, pulling down the jumpsuit's zipper with tantalizing slowness. When he finished with the zipper he shrugged the top off his shoulders letting it slide down his arms until it hung from his waist. Kicking off his boots he continued, removing the rest of the suit, pushing it over his hips and down his legs along with his boxers. Finally, he stepped out off the fabric pooled around his ankles and looked up towards Chakotay with a triumphant smile, knowing exactly how his little striptease was affecting the othe man.

Seeing Tom's smirk, Chakotay realized just how close he was to losing control, especially when the Lieutenant skinned off his turtle neck revealing more of his fair skin.

Grabbing Tom without warning, he pinned him against the wall again, ignoring the shout of suprise from the younger man. "Computer manacles." Chakotay ordered in a calm voice.

"What?!?" The younger man yelped in surprise as the restraints appeared in the wall on either side of him. "Come on Chakotay, what are you doing?"

"What does it look like I'm doing?" Was Chakotay's calm reply as Tom's wrists were pulled in to position, the cuffs closing tightly around them.

Tugging at the restraints experimentally, Tom found he couldn't really move at all, instead pinned tightly up against the wall. "Chakotay you are seriously going to get it." Tom threatened, a tiny hint of a catch in his voice.

"Oh really? Maybe later." Chakotay smiled, reaching down to stroke the younger man's hardening erection and was rewarded with a strangled moan, halfway between pleasure and anger. "Right now I believe I'll punish B'Elanna."

"You're not just going to leave me here?!?" Tom asked, a touch of panic entering his voice. This was the exact reason he hated being out of control in these *games*, and being pinned to a wall was definately out of control.

"No." The Commander said walking over to the other cell and dropping the force field. Reaching out an arm he caught B'Elanna as she tried to dart past him and get at Tom. "Ah ah... Not tonight Miss Torres."

"Chakotay." She growled.

"You're going to help Tom with a little problem." Chakotay said pulling her across the Brig, towards the other cell and pushing her down to her knees in front of Tom.

"What if I don't want to?" B`Elanna asked angrily.

"What if I don't want *her* to?" Tom asked at the same time and Chakotay just grinned.

"Like Miss Torres said, welcome back to the *real* chain of command." Chakotay leaned back against the wall and smirked.

"Did I actually say something like that?" B`Elanna sulked. "I didn't mean to say that about *me* as well."

Tom balanced himself against the wall and reached out to kick her, connecting with her kneecap. "This was your fault Torres...once again."

"Okay, I think I *want* to do this now." B`Elanna growled at Tom and grinned smugly. "And be careful, I bite..."

"Chakotay..." Tom whined, a touch of panic in his voice once again. He really, really hated being out of control...

"It's not my fault you're an idiot Tom..." Chakotay shrugged, then finally relented. "Torres, don't hurt him."

"Does that mean I can't make him sing soprano for eternity?" B`Elanna asked with a grin.

"Chakotay!" Tom pleaded once again, trying to press himself further into the wall and avoid B`Elanna.

"You are such a baby. You'd almost think you *didn't* want me to do this." B`Elanna muttered aloud, just before she closed her mouth around Tom's cock. He inhaled sharply, trying to hold himself still, trying not to show how good her mouth felt. B'Elanna smirked briefly then concentrated her attention on what she was doing, in a matter of moments Tom was thrusting himself forward, straining against the restraints around his wrist and gasping for breath.

Chakotay watched the pair, feeling his own cock hardening. Slowly he stripped off his own uniform never taking his eyes off the two Lieutenants.

"B'Elanna stop." He said just as Tom reached the edge of orgasm.

"But Chakotay...." She started.

"Up, Torres. Computer release manacles." As the cuffs opened, he watched as Tom wobbled on very unsteady legs. "Tom I want you to get the lube out of my uniform pocket. B'Elanna, against the wall."

"*What?*" She yelped as Tom stumbled away from the wall, saying nothing but allowing a very big smile to spread across his face.

"You heard me." Chakotay sighed as he walked over and grabbed her arm, gently tugging her up to her feet.

"But I didn't *do* anything...remember?" B`Elanna protested as Chakotay practically dragged her towards the wall. "Tom was the one we were going to punish, right?"

"Can't I change my mind?" Chakotay asked with a grin and gave her a kiss on her forehead. "And what's this 'we' business?"

"Damn it! I never get to have any fun!" B`Elanna complained and Chakotay just laughed.

"Oh shush...it's all because you keep threatening to send us through walls..." Chakotay muttered as he closed the manacles around her slim wrists.

"And making me sing soprano." Tom piped up, from where he sat on the floor.

"Shut up Tom!" Both Chakotay and B`Elanna yelled out together. B`Elanna gave Chakotay a look, then leaned her head up against the wall. "It's just not fair, he's the one who gets in trouble, yet he's also the one who gets all the fun."

"She's right..." Tom's mutter came from far closer then it should have been and Chakotay turned just in time for the younger man to pounce on him head on. The force of Tom's impact sent them tumbling back on to the cell's bed, Tom landing on top. Before Chakotay could get over his surprise Tom had his wrists pinned over his head and was smiling once again. "You shouldn't try to control something like this Chakotay. It takes more than you've learned so far."

"Whatever." Chakotay mumbled refusing to meet Tom's eyes.

"Chakotay, you did a good job with B'Elanna, but quite honestly you barely can keep me under control in the real chain of command. Did you really think there was a chance of it here?" Tom asked with total honesty, there was no sign of the joking, annoying, smart-ass Tom Paris...for the moment at least.

"Yeah." Chakotay replied hopefully and Tom laughed loudly.

"The trouble with you Commander, is that that you have this disillusioned idea that I play fair..." Tom said gently stroking the older man's cheek.

Chakotay didn't say anything, he just examined a very interesting spot on the ceiling, trying to sort out his thoughts. He heard Tom doing something with his free hand but felt the other mans eyes upon him, not daring enough to look until he heard a soft order. "On your stomach Chakotay." Tom said lifting his weight off of Chakotay, but still straddling him. Chakotay looked up at Tom who was watching him expectantly, then flipped on to his stomach.

Tom gently nudged his legs apart kneeling between them and Chakotay moaned as a cool lubed finger slid in to him, sliding in and out. "Gods Tom. What you do to me."

"I know exactly what I do to you pet." Tom purred stroking the back of the big man's neck with his free hand. "But maybe you want more."

"Please." The Commander whimpered desperately, pushing back against the younger man's hand, spreading his legs further in invitation.

"Fuck...you two are not going to do this to me again." B'Elanna's annoyed growl broke in.

"And just how are you going to stop us?" Tom asked raising a single eyebrow at her and shooting her a slight smirk. "You appear to be a little tied up at the moment."

"Just you wait Paris." She snapped, pulling uselessly at the restraints once again, then leaning back against the wall with a sigh.

"With pleasure darling." Tom drawled sarcastically. "But in the meantime..." He trailed off purposely, his gaze returning to Chakotay.

"Tom." It was the smallest whimper, so quiet Tom almost didn't catch it.

"I'm sorry pet, we'll deal with her later for distracting me." Tom soothed positioning himself, and sinking full length in to the other man's body in one thrust.

"Oh spirits." Chakotay's groan echoed around the small cell, making B`Elanna wince. She was determined not to watch, they could chain her up to the wall but it didn't mean she would have to watch the two of them. Of course, she still had to hear every single breathless detail of their coupling.

"No spirits pet." Tom said holding still for only a moment before beginning to move, retreating then thrusting back in to the other man's tight heat. "Just me."

Chakotay was quickly becoming incoherent, groans and sighs the only sounds he made. B'Elanna on the other hand was becoming more and more vocal. Sighing, Tom stopped drawing a pained groan from the Commander.

"B'Elanna." The pilot hissed through clenched teeth, forcing himself to form a coherent sentence even when his mind was threatening to shut down. "If you don't shut the hell up now, you are going to seriously regret it." The look on his face convinced her that he wasn't kidding and she fell silent, watching as the two men moved together once again even though she swore she wouldn't. She couldn't help it, the two of them were just so damned mesmerizing together.

She watched Tom's hand reach around Chakotay to grasp his cock, watching as Chaktaoy threw his head back in response. What she wouldn't give to be able to be with them, making Chakotay groan in pleasure when she attacked his neck or dragging her nails across Tom's back in complete pleasure. But instead, she was being forced to watch the two, unable to do anything for them, or for herself. She saw Chakotay tense, writhing under Tom as he came, and a moment later the younger man following him with a hoarse shout.

Tom rolled to one side of Chakotay, gently gathering the shaking man into his arms. "Shhh, just relax." He crooned running a soothing hand up and down the broad, sweat-slicked back.

"That definately wasn't what was supposed to happen when I came here..." Chakotay mumbled when he could finally speak again, staring back up into Tom's deep blue eyes. "But thanks anyways..."

"No problem..." Tom said with a smile, leaning back to rest against the hard cot. "You know, there's still the matter of B`Elanna and her runaway mouth there. Distracting the two of us..." Bringing his head back up, Tom looked straight at the manacled engineer, making her squirm. "Want the honors...since you were doing such a good job earlier?"

"Give me a few minutes Tom..." Chakotay grinned, still trying to calm his jangled nerves. "I'm getting old...it takes some time for me to recover."

Tom laughed at that and dropped back to the bed as well. "Take all the time you need...I don't think B`Elanna's going anywhere..."

*Shit, I'm in trouble.* B`Elanna thought to herself with a sigh, ignoring for the moment just how turned on she was from Tom's threats. Judging from the look in both Tom and Chakotay's eyes, she was in a lot of trouble. But at least she knew that, no matter what Tom and Chakotay were planning for her, it appeared she was safe for the moment...

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