To Die and To Love

Disclaimer: The characters in this story belong to Paramount. This story contains a fairly mild m/m relationship but seeing as that offends some people this story is rated PG-13.

Author's Note: This another 500 word challange story coming in at 418 words. This is a sequel to 'To Love and To Die, written because when I posted 'To Love and To Die, there was an out cry of 'you can't leave it that way.' So I didn't. The after life I have created here is a mixture of after worlds portrayed on TV and what I'd personally would like to believe is out there. Please don't anyone take offence because it's not what you believe.

Chakotay suddenly opened his eyes finding himself on top of a mountain the view was spectacular. But there was something he should remember he knew there was something he should remember.

He’d killed himself. Maybe he just wasn’t dead yet maybe this was just some poison induced hallucination.

“Chakotay.” A voice called, he turned and there stood Tom Paris. “I knew you’d arrive up here.”


“We heard you were coming... or I did anyway, I knew you’d show up here.”


“When the living think about someone who’s dead they can hear your thoughts.” Tom explained. “I was pretty much all you’ve thought about lately, I was your last thought. That’s how I knew.”


“I know it takes some getting used to. But this is the after life Chakotay you’ve got forever.”

Finally things started to click. “Tom I’ve got to tell you...”

“You love me.” Tom smiled.

“Yes, but just let me say it.” Chakotay said. “I love you Tom Paris. I wish I’d told you before.”

“It doesn’t matter. We have forever now.” The younger man said moving closer, and cautiously putting his arms around the other mans neck and lowering his head to kiss him.

Chakotay responded instantly wrapping his arms tightly around Tom kissing him back. After a minute or two they were forced apart by the need for air. “Come on Chakotay, we can’t stay up here forever. Everyone is waiting for you.”

When they reached the bottom of the mountain, there was a crowd of people waiting. Chakotay recognized deceased relatives, his father, friends from the Maquis. Harry and Naomi were there too and it took him a moment to remember they’d died then been replaced with their doubles from the alternate Voyager.

They had a wonderful party but gradually people began to drift off until only Tom and Chakotay were left. “Come on Chakotay.” Tom said taking his hand leading him off towards a cabin. When they entered Chakotay smiled this was the cabin he’d planed out in his mind after they’d been tossed out to the Delta quadrant. He’d wanted to make a holo program of it, but he’d just never had the time. Then he looked around again no not quite the cabin he’d planed. There was one difference. This cabin’s bed was at least twice as big, he realized as Tom pulled him towards it. But that would be a definite advantage now, he thought as he pulled Tom close to kiss his again.

They had forever now.

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