Disclaimer: I used no names. But the people in mind and the location belong to Paramount. Everything else belongs to me.

I walked along the corridor wondering again had I made the right decision. I knew I hadn't been right before, but was I any more right this time. This decision was just as hard as the first one maybe I was all wrong again.

Maybe I should just leave things as they were. I'll be alone, but I'll get used to it eventually, I suppose.

I enter the observation lounge. He's here. Oh gods, what do I do?

He turns to and sees me. A half smile flits across his face, then disappears. I walk over to him, right up close. He doesn't expect it, he doesn't know how to react. I look in to his eyes.

"Can I say I was wrong?" I ask. He looks confused.

"Wrong about what?" He finally asks cautiously.

"We *are* all right." I say softly, nervously. What if he doesn't want me back. What if...

A smile spreads across his face like a sunrise, and he pulls me against him in a tight hug. I'm so happy, I feel tears gathering in my eyes. He see them. "I never would have believed you cried so much." He teases. I smile a watery smil and bury my face in his shoulder.

"I missed you." I murmur softly.

He gently pulls back a little for a second I'm afraid he's going to push me away. "I was right here." He says softly.

"It wasn't the same."

"I know." He murmers tiping my face up and kissing me.

It's the most wonderful kiss. Better then I remember any before, it's sweet warm, it seals our reunion. It completes me... us.

What we have is special... I know that now. I tried to end it... It fought back. It's interminable. It will never end. I'll never let it go. And a look in to his eyes tells me niether will he.

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