Who Comforts the Hero...

Disclaimer: They're not mine they belong to LucasFilm. There will be sex in this story sex of the M/M kind. So this story is rated NC-17 and therefor if you are under 18 on can't handle that go away now.

Author's notes: Okay for any of you die hard SW fans out there I admit I messed with a few details. But they're minor ones I promise... you might not even notice them unless you're as obsessed as me.

Part One

Luke tossed on his cot, he couldn't sleep he was still too wound up after the award ceremony then the partying that had followed. Reaching you his hand closed on the heavy medal he's received today. His fingers traced the shapes and lines of it. After a moment he replaced beside him.

"Luke?" A sleepy voice mumbled from the cot across the small room. "You still awake?"

"Yeah Wedge." He answered. "I hope I didn't wake you."

There was a pause as Wedge shifted. "Nah I wasn't really asleep, just thinking."

"Yeah me too. There's lots to think about." Luke said softly.

"You okay Luke?" The younger pilot asked.

"I think so." Luke's voice was shaky, as he rolled over so he was facing away form the other man.

There was a rustle of blankets, Luke's cot shifted under the weight of a second body. Wedge gently lay a hand on the other man's shoulder rolling him on to his back. "What's wrong Luke?"

"I don't know.... I feel restless, wound up... that's all."

"Not surprising considering."

"You know a week ago I was arguing with my Uncle because he wouldn't let me go to the Academy." Luke said softly. "Since then, he and my Aunt have been murdered, I left the only planet I've ever known with Imperial's on my tail. Next rescue a Princess, almost get killed by a monster in a trash compactor, run all over the space station I end up destroying a day later all hands on board..." He trailed off having run out of breath, noticing the tears streaming down his cheeks for the first time. He lifted a hand to swipe at them but Wedge caught it in a firm hold.

"Shhhh... Luke you haven't done anything wrong. It had to be done." He soothed gently tugging his friend up in to a sitting position and pressing his head down against his shoulder. Luke tensed for a moment but Wedge's callused hand traveled up and down his back in a slow comforting movement. "It's alright Luke this is what you need. After a moment he relaxed collapsing against Wedge and beginning to weep.

The Corellians soft accented voice continued in a soothing litany but Luke didn't catch any of the words. His sobs slowly gave way to silent tears then nothing but still he stayed pressed against the other man's body.

Wedge didn't say anything just let him stay there for several minutes. Then he gently eased Luke away from him a bit, tipping his face up with firm fingers on the young her mans chin.

"Sorry." Luke mumbled ashamed.

"Don't be." The other pilot said softly pulling up a corner of the blanket and using it to dry the tears from Luke's face. "You needed it."

"Yeah." Luke muttered trying to duck his head again.

"It's alright." Wedge soothed pulling Luke in to a close hug pressing a light kiss to the sandy hair. Slowly he lay back drawing Luke down with him. He settled the blond head on his shoulder, his hand still moving up and down on the smaller man's back. "Relax Luke. Sleep. We can't have you falling asleep on the job tomorrow."

"Mmmmhmmm." Was the sleepy reply as Luke snuggled closer to him, and dropped to sleep as the exhaustion over took him.

**** **** *** ****

Luke woke up slowly feeling warm and safe. As he became conscious he realized something wasn't right he still felt safe but something wasn't quiet right. Opening his eyes he found himself looking in to a pair of warm green eyes. For a moment he panicked, and tried to bolt up right.

"Shhh Luke. It's just me." Wedge said trying to calm him.

The familiar voice clicked and Luke subsided. A little more aware of himself he got his bearings. His friend was half reclining against the wall at the head of the cot, and Luke was lying back against his chest.

"You feeling better this morning?" The Corellian asked calmly.

"Yeah." Luke said flushing as he remembered his behavior the previous night.

"I told you last night that there was no reason to sorry and there's even less reason to be embarrassed." Wedge told him firmly. Luke nodded hesitantly. "Luke I'm here for you if you need me."

"Thanks." Luke murmured.

"Your welcome. Now we'd better get up today's another busy day."

**** **** **** **** **** ****

Part Two

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