Who Comforts the Hero

Part 6

Disclaimer: Lucasfilm owns the characters... i just own the ideas. This story contains male/male sex. If you are under 18 or can't deal with that go away.

As the commanding officers of Rogue Squadron at least Luke and usually Wedge as well were expected to attend the daily briefing on their military situation and progress against the Empire. So Wedge was there to catch Luke as he began to slump out of his seat as Leia read off the list that the spies in with in the Empire had smuggled out. It was a list of the planets that had been scheduled for 'discipline' upon the completion of the Death Star. He clutched his lover's hand under the table until he seemed to calm again. The incident might have passed safely and been forgotten except Leia decided to take the opportunity to point out once again what a hero Luke was. He smiled and accepted the applause and praise escaping the room as quickly as he possibly could.

When they reached their quarters, a room carved out of the ice, Wedge gathered Luke into his arms, holding him close. "You okay?" He murmured.

"I... I think so." The older man said cautiously as though testing the waters. "That wasn't as bad as usual."

"Maybe because for the first time all the people you saved by destroying that thing have names. The Mon Callamari, the Quarin, the Sulustins." Wedge suggested.

"Yeah." Luke nodded against his lover's chest. "Maybe it isn't such a price to pay for all the billions that were saved."

"Now you're getting it Luke." Wedge smiled, brushing a kiss across the blond locks. Luke made a soft sound, his arms coming around Wedge's waist, turning his head up to press a kiss against the Corellian's throat.

"You're so patient. I would had given up on me long before now." He said in a grateful tone of voice.

"Luke I would never give up on you. You should know that."

"I do, it's just hard to remember with everything else going on in my head."

'That I can understand." Wedge said his smile evident in his voice. "When we dreamed of being heros when we were kids we never realized how hard it really is."

They stood together locked in one another's arms for a long time, both thinking their own thoughts.

Finally Wedge was pulled out of his thoughts by Luke's hands as they began to wander across his back then downwards. "Wedge." He murmured. "I know it's the middle of the day... But... could we..."

Wedge thought he was going to cheer, Luke never initiated things between them, not really anyway. He might start with a kiss that would eventually lead to more. But he'd never asked for anything... until now. "Yes." Wedge breathed.

"Good." Luke smiled pulling away from him, moving towards the bunk tugging his lover with him. Wedge followed, perfectly willing to let Luke take charge of things. They stripped out of their clothing swiftly getting under the covers to escape the frigid air of the ice cavern.

For several moments they simply lay twined together waiting for the blankets to warm around them. Luke drew away a tiny distance and for a moment Wedge was worried until he felt his lover's hand slid between their bodies. His fingers began tracing light patterns on Wedge's abdomen making the younger man squirm slightly. "Now who would believe that one of the mightiest heroes of the Alliance is ticklish?" He murmured teasingly.

"And you're one to talk." Wedge asked gently poking his friend in the side which caused Luke to arch sideways to avoid the touch.

"Fine, who would believe that two of the Alliance's greatest heroes are ticklish."

"That's better."

"I think I like you better when you're to busy concentrating on other things to remember these things." Luke said with a mock pout.

"Well then give me something else to think about." The Corellian suggested.

Luke just smiled then pounced on his lover. To Wedge it seemed that between the other man's mouth and hands, every inch of his upper body had been covered with kisses, licks, caresses, or light bites. Finally, after what seemed an entirety one hand slid down, first caressing his hips and thighs, then the insides of his thighs stroking upwards until the nimble fingers drew up along his shaft leaving trails of sensation behind them. Meanwhile, his other hand and mouth were still busy working over Wedge's chest a second time. S

Several moments later Luke drew back still caressing the hard organ with one hand he watched the expressions play over his lover's face, he continued until he felt the body beneath his own tense right on the very edge of release then eased back.

Wedge whimpered desperately as Luke drew his hand away.

Luke cradled Wedge's head in one hand, gently stroking his face with the other. "Shhhh..." He soothed. "It'll be alright. Relax." Gradually the younger pilot calmed under him. "That's it, wait for me."

"No... Now." Wedge demanded in a rough voice.

"Together." Luke insisted.

"Hurry then." He said green eyes pleading.

"It'd go faster if you helped me." The older man said suggestively, then gasped as he felt Wedge's callused hand slip between them and slide down to his groin. It wrapped around his erection stroking Luke swiftly as the other man used every bit of his knowledge of his partner's body to get him as desperate for release as he was himself.

It didn't take long Wedge had studied what gave his lover the most pleasure for months now, always striving to soothe his troubled friend as best he could. Now he used the knowledge solely so he could gain his release.

Suddenly Luke reached down pulling the other pilot's hand away, and hooking his arms beneath Wedge he flipped them over positioning them so that their cocks came in to alignment as he completed the roll.

Wedge groaned in surprise at the unexpected contact. "Now?" He gasped out praying that he'd get an affirmative reply because he didn't think he could hold out much longer.

"Now." Luke nodded thrusting up against his friend's body.

Wedge gave a delighted sound and no longer content to be passive and obey, he brought his hands up pinning Luke's to the bed on either side of his head and capturing his lover's mouth in a desperate savage kiss as they thrust their bodies together. It could only last a few moments with both of them as desperate as they were. And then as Luke has wished they both came with hoarse shouts of pleasure captured in one another's mouths.

Neither was particularly coherent as they came back to themselves some time later having just enough sense to resettle the covers over them against the bitter cold of the room. As Wedge drifted back to unconsciousness a sleepy hopeful thought drifted though his head that maybe Luke was finally going to be able to get past his guilt and move on with his life.

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