Life Sentence

Disclaimer: Voyager and her crew belong to Paramount. What I choose to do with them is my own. This story contains thoughts of m/m love/relationship and is there for PG.

Author's Note: I don't know where it came from... but call me evil.

"I can't believe he actually did it."

B'Elanna looked across the table at Harry. "You heard the Captain's pronouncement. He did it." She said.

Harry shrugged and looked around the nearly empty holodeck. "I know... I just thought."

"So did most of the ship." The engineer said reaching for her drink again.

"But he did and there's no way he's turning back now."

"Nope... Tom really set himelf up this time. For his whole life at that."

"We'll get used to the idea with time, Starfleet." She sighed. "It may take quite a while though."

"A very long while." Harry agreed.


Chakotay was in the shower. The tension of the day was slowly leaving his body under the hot spray. Who ever would have thought any day could be so stressful.

He still couldn't get the look that had been on Tom's face went he'd done his duty and closed the band around the man's slender wrist, out of his head. Then the pronouncement from Kathryn

No, things would never be the same again.


Tom lay on the bed. It was the same one he had slept in for the last year and yet it seemed different tonight.

Everything seemed different... God what had he gotten himself in to this time?

When he'd woken up this morning he'd just lay still, even considered going back to sleep. Until he realized what day it was... that had sent him running for the bathroom to be sick. And he felt worse than the moment he'd realized he'd been tricked and captured on Delshor.

Harry had come to see him of course. Harry was always there. Then he'd left Tom on his own again.

He'd been alone until he'd entered the holodeck some hours later. Everyone was there. And *everyone* was watching him.

Shaking his head Tom tried to forget the panic he'd felt. After that, things had been a bit of a blur... until the Captain's pronouncement. The one that had determined the rest of his life.

Lifting his left arm Tom gazed at the metal band that now wrapped its way around his wrist. Slowly he twisted it around there wasn't a visible joint or clasp on it anywhere. But they were there and it could be opened.

Not that it ever would be. It was there forever now. Informing everyone exactly what he had done and what he was.

Not that everyone on board didn't already know.

A sudden sound caught Tom's attention, looking up he saw Chakotay standing in the bedroom door. The dim light glinting on the gold band wrapped around his wrist a twin to the one on Tom's arm.

Yes everyone on board knew what Tom was.

A married man.

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