The Price of a Life

Disclaimer: Not mine... but i don't remember who the characters actully belong to. This story contains non consensual sex between two males. So if any of that squicks you or you are under 18. DON'T READ THIS.

Author's Note: Well I actually wrote this about threee years ago and it's been kicking around on loose leaf all that time. But anyway I was only working with the North American dub and what I could find on the Net. So there may be missing/wacked details and really neat spellings.

Malachite glared furiously at the dark haired man kneeling before Queen Beryl. Prince Endymion. He wished to Darkness he'd never brought the injured man back here. No longer was he the most likely to oust the Queen, no longer was he the heir to the throne. Now this Prince was here. He'd even been assigned to help deal with the Sailor Scouts, as if the high Yuma needed help.

He'd been lost in thought and suddenly, The Prince was in front him. "Your Highness." He hissed, bowing slightly.

"Don't bother Malachite. You don't respect me anymore for the title."

"And why should I respect you?" He asked in a deadly calm voice. "You and your Princess have caused me a fall from the grace of the Queen and the death of my most prized student."

"But that wouldn't upset you, you bide your time and wait. Missing your lover High Yuma?"

The taunt hit home. "Damn you." He growled.

"Not much to miss if you ask me. But to each their own." Endymion commented as he turned and strode out of the room.

Malachite stared after the Prince. How did that man see what no one else did? Everyone else thought his and Zoicite's relationship had been entirely one sided. But he had felt some amount of emotion towards the young Yuma. And his bed had felt very empty the last few nights.

* * *

Late that night, Endymion woke to find Mal standing over him. "Come to kill me Malachite? Do you think you can?"

"Not to kill you Prince; humiliate you certainly."

Endymion saw the blade in the Yuma's hand flash in the dim light. And he knew Mal meant to scare him. Prove his dominance to everyone.

"I think not Yuma." Endymion hissed, grabbing the wrist of the hand which held the dagger, pulling hard and yanking Mal down onto the bed, cracking his head on the frame.

Getting to his feet, Endymion looked at the dazed Yuma, he only had a few moments to act.

* * *

When Malachite came back to himself he found himself face down, spread eagle on the bed, his wrists and ankles bound to the bed post.

"Welcome back."

Malachite turned his head towards the voice. "Let me up." He growled. The other man just laughed. "You came to humiliate me and it was to be a public humiliation, something everyone would have seen. But I am more merciful, your humiliation will be a private one between you and I.

"What are you going to do?" He asked wearily.

"Oh, nothing much." Endymion said, climbing on to the bed and kneeling between Malachite's spread legs. Malachite felt the brush of the Prince's legs and for the first time, realizing that he was naked.

"You wouldn't..." He hissed, struggling against the bonds.

"You would rather I scared you?"

"*Yes*." Malachite almost shouted as Endymion's hands began stroking his ass.

"Maybe I'll do that as well. But I'm quite looking forward to this."

Malachite flinched as a finger slid down the crack of his ass, then pressed against the puckered opening, then pushed inside. The Yuma writhed, trying desperately to free himself. Endymion hit him hard between the shoulder blades and Malachite stopped struggling.

"Frightened Lord Malachite?" The Prince purred, adding a second finger and twisting them around. "Could it be you never allowed a lover this intimacy?"

The fingers in his ass were twisted again, then they were gone, replaced with something larger and harder. He screamed as Endymion pushed his cock into the hilt in one hard, fast thrust.

Endymion held still, savoring the tight heat of the Yuma's ass.

"So you haven't had anyone up here before." He said, then began thrusting, settling into a brutal rhythm. "Virgin, who'd've thought?"

Malachite tried not to scream, biting his lips until they bled. And finally, he had to cry out. The Prince just gave a breathy taunt and drove himself deeper still into the Yuma's body, delighting in the pained cries.

After what seemed like forever to Malachite, he felt Endymion arch over him as he came with a shout.

For a moment after he collapsed, the Prince lay on the high Yuma's back, then rose to his knees. In a moment, he found the dagger and cut the ropes binding Malachite, then shoved the Yuma off the bed.

Malachite lay in a heap where he'd fallen, then finally gathered his wits enough to call a portal and crawled through it, tumbling into his chambers.

* * *

The next morning, when Malachite appeared in the Queen's presence he tried to look anywhere but at the Prince. Suddenly, something caught his eyes. There, in Endymion's boot. His dagger, the hilt plainly visible. It would appear that he'd offered the dagger as a sign of allegiance to the Prince. Or that Endymoin had bested him in a fight.

*Damn*. If only he'd kept his temper. If he hadn't wanted to embarrass the Prince, he wouldn't be in this situation. Now he looked weak, everyone would think he handed over his dagger, or worse, he was bested. But at least no one would suspect the truth he thought, cringing slightly.

Suddenly, he felt the Queen's eyes on him and he almost felt as though she was looking through him. Oh darkness, she knows, he thought in a panic. But then she looked away.

Finally, she allowed him to give his report. Then he ported out to the safety of his chambers. Gingerly he sat at his work table. Pain shot through him. Why did he ever bring that damned man here?

To save your own skin, a small voice in his mind, reminded him. So this was the price of his life. At least he should outlive the Prince. The power would be his, it would just take a little longer.

* * *

Endymion was sitting in his own chambers. Everyone had noticed the dagger in his boot. But he'd ignored every question on how he'd gotten it. "It's not anyone's affair but Lord Malachite's and my own." He'd finally declared lowly. Across the room, Malachite's eyes had flown up to lock with his own. The rumor was now that he'd bested the High Yuma. The animosity would make it believable.

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