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Disclaimer: All or nearly all the stories in this archive are rated NC-17 and many contain homoerotic situations. Hence if A: You're under 18 GO AWAY! or B: You can't handle two guys in love or the phisical expression of that love GO AWAY!

Yes Tera's been bad (or good depending how you look at it) I've been unfaithful to the wonderful Star Trek fandom. So here we have all the other stories I've been writing insted of all those Trek stories I keep promising.


Coming Home Again
Duncan MacLeod/Conner MacLeod NC-17

Finding What was Never Lost: By:Terabithia and Keikimo

Duncan MacLeod/Methos NC-17

1001 Way to Annoy Amamnda: By:Terabithia and Keikimo

Duncan MacLeod/Methos/Nick Wolf NC-17

Sailor Moon

The Price of a Life

Prince Endymion/Malichite NC-17, RAPE WARNING

Well that's it for now... but be sure to check out me work shop to see what other stuff I have in mind... or e-mail me and ask. I've got tons more hidden away under my bed that i'm just looking for an excuse to work on.

I lied... there's something else... I'd forgoten this even exsisted... it's a little different to most stuff you'll find here... the first half isn't even my fault. The second however definatly is.

Baning B-Rok

By Calguy
BackStreet Boys
Brain/m NC-17

Tera and Nick

BackStreet Boys
Wrok in progress
Nick/f NC-17

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